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Avoid duck lips by doing research and finding a reputable plastic surgeon

Dr. Carlos Wolf
Dr. Carlos Wolf

Q. Dr. Wolf, I’m sure you’ve been asked this question hundreds of times. I would like to have my lips augmented, but I don’t want to look like a duck. Is it possible to have my lips augmented without looking like all the people here in Miami — and why do you think people look like that?

A. The short answer is yes, you can have your lips done in a very professional and subtle way so that you look great without looking over done.

The reason why this happens is due to the injector and the patient. Many injectors have a significant incentive to enhance the lips in an overpowering way. The more product that is used, the more money that is made. The patient on the other hand finds that more must be better and, unfortunately, there are many injectors who simply want the extra money.


As a professional, a physician should be willing to say no even when the patient insists they want more. There are some patients who genuinely want big lips and, therefore, physicians should accommodate them. But because of this overdone look, many patients who would gain from these treatments don’t do them because of their fear factor.

To choose a physician or physician extender, a patient should discuss their desires and look at the physician’s before-and-after photos. Reviews online are helpful, as well. And you can always ask those patients whose lips you don’t like, whom they went to — so you don’t use them as injectors.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at Follow him at @CarlosWolfMD