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Burger King is making burritos out of Whoppers

When customers pull into Burger King, corporate executives know what they really want — a burrito.

A Whopperito, to be exact.

The Miami-Dade-based fast food chain announced its latest freaky food, which will debut Aug 15.

The chain’s first foray into Tex-Mex food blends the classic elements of a Whopper burger — beef, onions, tomatoes, pickles and lettuce — with a queso sauce and Tex-Mex spice mix, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. It comes in at 570 calories, less than the classic Whopper at 630.

This creation will cost $2.99 solo, according to Business Insider, and $4.99 as a combo meal.

Whether this hybrid meal will go over better (or worse) than the brief run of the “Mac n’ Cheetos” mashup in late June remains to be seen. The snack was deep fried lumps of macaroni and cheese rolled in Cheeto dust. Watch Herald reporters try that snack.

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