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Shopper’s Dictionary: Grape skin flour


What is it? Gluten-free and antioxidant-rich, flours made from grape skins are versatile enough to use in any number of savory or sweet recipes (usually in addition to other, less-expensive flours).

An added benefit: The blush-purple color of red-wine grape skin flour carries over to the finished dish. Impress your guests with a purple pasta or baguettes made from cabernet or merlot flour.

Flours milled from grape skins as well as seeds appear several times in bread guru Peter Reinhart’s new cookbook, “Bread Revolution,” which you can read more about in this week’s Tropical Life cover story.

Where can I find it? Available online through Amazon or; $7-$9 for an 8-ounce package.

Evan S. Benn is the Miami Herald food editor and restaurants editor. Follow him on Twitter: @EvanBenn.