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Diner’s Dictionary: Alligator


What is it? High in protein and low in fat, alligator meat has been considered a relatively healthy alternative protein for generations. In the mid-1800s, the mild-flavored meat (think chicken with a brinier finish) commonly cropped up in gumbos around the U.S. South.

Today, Florida (with Louisiana and Texas) is a leading producer of alligator meat, which is frequently found battered and deep-fried, though it can also be smoked like barbecue or ground into sausages.

Where can I find it? The Social Club at the Surfcomber (1717 Collins Ave.) in Miami Beach serves crispy alligator nuggets atop shaved brussels sprouts with pecans and South Miami-Dade honey. $15.

Evan S. Benn is Miami Herald food editor and restaurants editor. Follow him on Twitter: @EvanBenn.