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Canadian pig roaster to compete with Miami’s caja china culture

PigOut Catering

PigOut Catering based in Ontario, Canada, is looking to expand to the United States, starting with South Florida franchises.

PigOut’s specialty: Roasting whole hogs for pool parties, weddings, corporate events and more in a specialty mobile roaster that PigOut co-founder Alan Dickson helped design. The full-service caterer also prepares different proteins as well as salads, sides, appetizers and desserts.

Dickson and wife Anne Dickson, both with hotel and restaurant backgrounds, say they targeted the Florida market for its warm weather and pork-eating populace.

“We’re an outdoor business, and we like the idea of doing that all year in Florida, without being interrupted by brutal winters,” Anne Dickson said.

As for pig-roasting preferences — South Floridians for generations have used caja china boxes to do the job — Dickson said she believes PigOut can hold its own in the land of La Caja China.

“For one thing, our roast is clean, so you can see the process, and the finished product isn’t completely blackened and covered in soot,” she said. “But the other thing people like about PigOut is that the cooking becomes part of the entertainment. Guests gather around and talk with our chefs, they talk about that party they went to with the whole roasted pig. And invariably that leads us to new customers.”

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Evan S. Benn is Miami Herald food editor; on Twitter: @EvanBenn.