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New on grocery shelves: sauce, snacks and serviceware


Three new food products on shelves now:


It’s the rare grill guru who would pass up a chance to give a different barbecue sauce a try. A sauce such as those made by the Rufus Teague team in Kansas.

While they make rubs, we’re fans of the sauces (Honey Sweet, Blazin’ Hot, Touch O’ Heat and the newest, Apple Mash) and partial to the thick, smoky, spicy Whiskey Maple. Its powerful flavors would play best, say our grillers, with meaty rib tips and the dark meat of chicken legs and thighs.

A 16-ounce flask: $5.99. Buy online or locate a store:


So you can’t decide whether to munch popcorn, roasted nuts or chocolate? No problem with Nut Exactly Snack Bites from Fisher.

The snack bites pair up popcorn with pecan and salted caramel; peanuts and peanut butter; almonds and milk chocolate; almonds and dark chocolate. Our favorites? Dark chocolate-topped salted caramel, by a crunch. The bonus? The quarter-sized bites are 15 to 16 calories each.

A 5-ounce bag: $3.49. Store locator:


When it comes to flatware for picnics, go the eco-friendly route with the new Birchwood Flatware Set from Sur La Table.

The 24-piece set (eight each: forks, spoons, knives with a serrated edge) stood up well to salads, cooked vegetables, pasta and ground meat.

The set: $9.95. Buy online or locate a store: