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‘Undead chicken’: Raw piece of meat hurls itself off restaurant table, video shows

It’s a vegetarian’s worst nightmare. Heck, it’s anyone’s worst nightmare.

A video making the rounds this week shows a piece of raw, hacked up meat which appears to be chicken come to life on a plate at a restaurant, where apparently you are meant to cook your own food.

The pimply, white piece, which looks to contain bone or gristle, begins to twitch and then proceeds to hurl itself off the plate onto the floor as a woman off camera screams in terror as if she is in a horror movie.

The 30-second clip was posted to Facebook by Miami caterer Marie Phillips whose cooking page on Instagram is @heart_and_soul_cooking.

People posted more than 64,000 comments, many disturbed by the gruesome sight.

“Now I see why you vegan.”

“Hell no if my food is walking, I’m walking too.”

“What in the world is that?”

“Well, at least it’s fresh.”

“Undead chicken.”

The way that the piece of chicken hoists itself over the table to look as if it is escaping has made social media users doubt the video’s validity.

If the video is indeed real, it could mean that the chicken was freshly slaughtered, and its nerve endings in the muscles were still firing. However, the twitching would end after a very short time, experts say.

Another explanation: The chicken may have been also been generously salted. Sodium chloride stimulates the natural nerve impulses and draws out water from dead animals, causing muscles to contract and spasm. Anyone who has cooked frog legs can sometimes watch them do a “dance.”

Regardless, it’s not a sight you want to see on your plate.

Phillips said she reposted the disturbing clip and told her Instagram followers she’s a little bothered by all the attention she’s getting.

“All I did was repost the video,” she told the Miami Herald. “[People] thought I was the person who recorded it but I wasn’t.”