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Here are the major chains that may have stocked turkey recalled in salmonella outbreak

Most of the nation’s major supermarket chains are on the list of retail stores that likely received some of the 164,210 pounds of ground turkey recalled four days before Christmas in connection with a 38-state salmonella outbreak.

The list dropped from the USDA late Friday night.

Two notable exceptions among the 27 national or regional chains on the list: Publix and the Southeastern Grocers chains (Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo, Harvey’s, Fresco Y Mas).

Otherwise, it’s an all-star chain lineup.

Big box stores: Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club, all stores nationwide; Meijer stores in Illinois, Indiana, Kentrucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin; Superior Super Warehouse stores in California.

Stores almost synonymous with a state: H-E-B, all Texas stores; Ralph’s, all California stores; Jewel Osco, all Illinois stores.

Regional powerhouses: All Albertson’s and Safeway stores in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada; Raley’s chains (Raley’s, Nob Hill Foods, Bel Air Markets) in California and Nevada; all Save Mart chain stores (Save Mart, Lucky, FoodMaxx) in California; all Kroger’s in Michigan.

The home states of the Jennie-O recalls, Minnesota (60) and Wisconsin (48), have the most stores among the 13 states in the individual state breakdown of smaller chains, independent stores and major chain stores that work with a different supplier than their sister stores.

As of the last Centers for Disease Control update, the salmonella outbreak had sickened 216 in 38 states, hospitalized 84 people and killed one. The CDC released that update Dec. 21, the same day the Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales division out of Minnesota recalled 164,210 pounds of ground turkey products.

With the November recall from the Jennie-O division in neighboring Wisconsin, that made 311,486 pounds of ground turkey recalled.

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