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Miami couple and vegan chef at odds over wedding catering job

Chef Sol
Chef Sol

Miami vegan chef Joshua Solis, aka Chef Sol, and two Miami newlyweds are engaged in a they said/he said battle over their wedding last month. They said his work left a bad taste in their mouths, literally.

Their icky conflict played out publicly on Facebook last month.

On Dec. 22, local publicist JennyLee Molina shared a post saying that Chef Sol, born Josh Solis, had some serious issues with a couple who had hired him to cater their blessed event in Homestead Dec. 8.

“I was recently representing a chef I trusted who left a $20k wedding catering gig completely hanging after he was paid,” wrote Molina. “My biz was also left scammed out of a lot of invested time and money. As a marketer, I only wish to shine the light on those who are honest and have the upmost integrity, especially if I endorse them and recommend them to others.”

Molina forwarded the e-mail detailing the events she was copied on from the disgruntled groom, Craig Denis.

In it, he claims that Solis didn’t show up and instead sent his assistant Luz McCook, who reportedly arrived late for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding, and with not enough food, some of it which he claims wasn’t even vegan or of high quality. McCook’s website is also down and her Facebook inactive.

In the email, Chef Sol explained that he had another gig and admitted he sent McCook in his place, and that she did not execute the plan the way he would have liked and that she took the majority of the payment.

Solis, who has whipped up food for such celebrities as Jane Velez Mitchell, Common and Ty Dolla $ign, claims to only have gotten paid for the initial tasting.

The celebrity chef’s page is no longer active and when you click on, it says that the domain is for sale. The Twitter account is gone. His Instagram, however, is still active, showing mostly vegan dishes.

The Atlanta resident told the Miami Herald that he apologized to the couple for McCook not handling things up to his standards and offered the couple his services for free. He shifts the blame to McCook, who could not be reached for this article.

The couple has contacted a lawyer, but “they said it was a civil matter,” added Denis, who is pondering further action.

“We would like to seek a refund and some personal damages as they completely ruined a once in a lifetime event for us,” said Denis. “We also don’t want either of these so called chefs to burn anyone else the way they burned us. Neither of them should be able to work as chefs again.”