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24 more people sickened in the second salmonella outbreak of the year linked to eggs

Another 24 people and another five states have been touched by the salmonella outbreak linked to shell eggs from Gravel Ridge Farms, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Tuesday’s update from the CDC, the first about this salmonella outbreak since Sept. 10, says 38 people have fallen ill, 10 of whom have been hospitalized. Tennessee (23) and Alabama (seven) account for the most sick. Gravel Ridge Farms is out of Cullman, Alabama, and the eggs went mainly to stores in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

“The FDA and Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry began conducting an inspection at Gravel Ridge Farms on Sept. 5, 2018 and collected environmental samples for testing,” the FDA said Tuesday. “The results were used to confirm that Salmonella Enteritidis isolates collected from environmental and egg samples taken at the farm were genetically related to isolates obtained from ill persons.”

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Salmonella brings stomachaches, fever and diarrhea to 1.2 million Americans each year. About 23,000 get hospitalized with harsh diarrhea. The most vulnerable are senior citizens, young children and those with damaged immune systems.

The FDA is still advising people to avoid all shell eggs produced by Gravel Ridge Farms. Gravel Ridge recalled its Cage Free Large Eggs on Sept. 8. The latest best by date on the recalled eggs is Wednesday.

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When Gravel Ridge Farms initiated its recall, the FDA also released a partial retail store list, a move common for the USDA and which the FDA says will become more common in products under its jurisdiction.

Atlanta: Candler Park Market, Grant Park Market, Westview Corner Market, Sevananda Natural Foods, The Merchantile.

Birmingham, Alabama: Piggly Wigglys in Clairemont, River Run, Crestline, Bluff Park, Dunnavent Valley, Wiggly Warrior and Homewood; Western Markets in Mt. Brook and Rocky Ridge.

Other parts of Alabama: A Foodland in Eva and one in Priceville; two Warehouse Discount Grocery stores in Cullman, one in Hanceville; Star Market in Huntsville; and Manna Grocery in Tuscaloosa.

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