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The ice cream might have an allergen that the label doesn’t tell you about

Salt & Straw Ice Cream recalled 11 lots of its Chocolate Gooey Brownie after an ingredient supplier informed the ice cream company there might be a peanut complication.

As the company-written, FDA-posted recall notice states, “The recall was initiated after receiving notification from the chocolate supplier, Pitch Dark Chocolate, that the chocolate chips used in the Chocolate Gooey Brownie may have had possible cross-contact with a peanut allergen.”

Peanuts aren’t listed among Chocolate Gooey Brownie’s ingredients. For most people, that’s not a problem. For those with peanut allergies, it can be a fatal problem.

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Read Next

The recalled lots are Nos. 18201, 18203, 18212, 18213, 18214, 18219, 18221 and 18223 from plant No. 41-404; and 18217, 18219, 18221 from plant No. 06-126F. They were sold in Salt & Straw’s stores in California, Washington and Oregon and nationwide via the company’s website.

Those with peanut allergies should toss the recalled ice cream, return it to a store for a refund or, for those who bought online, email for a refund. Consumers with questions should call 833-971-2828.