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These bakery companies got hit with big fines over safety. They have a problem with that

The Miami Gardens bakery industry companies run by Miami-Dade brothers Luis Lacal and Juan Carlos Lacal are contesting almost $110,000 worth of OSHA fines for various workplace hazards.

Both businesses located at 15625 NW 15th Ave., Bakery Management’s Bakery Corp and BC Direct’s Robotray, received their penalties on June 28 and contested them to the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission on July 24.

Bakery Corp, a commercial bakery, got hit with $67,261 of fines after a May 22 inspection found 15 “serious” violations. Automated bakery rack loader Robotray got hit with more “serious” violations, 16, from its Feb. 5 inspection, but fewer fines, $42,682.

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Among Robotray’s violations, according to the inspection:

Two argon and two nitrogen cylinders, according to the inspection, “were not secured to prevent them from being knocked over, exposing employees to fire and explosion hazards.”

“The employer had not provided employees with training in the hazards and use of fire extinguishers.”

Employees worked with both a Dewalt chop saw and a Dewalt miter saw that weren’t anchored.

The Jet bench grinder lacked a tongue guard and a work rest on its right side.

Also, the inspection states, “the employer did not inspect electrical equipment and/or flexible cords for defects to ensure that these were removed prior to use, as evidenced by, among other conditions, extension cords with damaged outer insulation and, or lacking in strain relief, were in use, exposing employees to an electrical hazard.”