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Four kinds of Goldfish crackers become fourth whey powder salmonella national recall

The possibility of salmonella in the ingredient whey powder, which has caused massive recalls of Swiss rolls, some Ritz crackers and a USDA public health alert, caused the fourth nationwide recall in five days when Pepperidge Farm recalled four kinds of Goldfish crackers.

Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar, Flavor Blasted Sour Cream & Onion, Goldfish Baked With Whole Grain Extra Cheddar and Goldfish Mix Extra Cheddar & Pretzel have been recalled. The various packaging forms are listed here on Pepperidge Farm’s website.

The company’s site-posted recall notice said the company, “has been notified by one of its ingredient suppliers that whey powder in a seasoning that is applied to four varieties of crackers has been the subject of a recall by the whey powder manufacturer due to the potential presence of salmonella.”

That supplier is Associated Milk Producers, Inc., known in the food industry as AMPI. The USDA issued a public health alert for products containing whey powder voluntarily recalled by AMPI on salmonella on Friday and AMPI announced the whey powder recall on its website Tuesday afternoon

The USDA also announced Pinnacle Foods’ recall of the Hungry Man TV dinner, Hungry Man Chipotle BBQ Sauced Boneless Chicken Wyngz with a best by date of Sept. 6, 2019.

Hungry Man salmonella.JPG
This Hungry Man TV dinner got recalled because it contains whey powder from AMPI. USDA

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As for the Goldfish recall, those with recalled Goldfish should toss them or click here for a refund.

Anyone with questions can call the company at 800-679-1791, 24 hours a day, or Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern time to speak to a customer service representative.

Salmonella causes about 1.2 million illnesses and 450 deaths in the U.S. every year, according to the CDC. The bacteria is typically transmitted through contaminated food, but some simple preventative measures can keep you from getting sick.