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The wrong dressing made the pasta salad dangerous enough to recall

Orlando-based Taylor Farms Florida recalled 732 pounds of salad with chicken products Saturday because the label said Bacon Ranch salad dressing but the kit actually contained Caesar dressing.

Ergo, the ingredient list didn’t include anchovies, an ingredient in the Caesar salad that can be a hazard to those who are allergic to the fish.

The 9.75-ounce plastic bowls with Taylor Farms American Style Pasta Salad went to retail stores throughout the state.

A Thursday complaint from a consumer about the salad dressing’s taste prompted the product check that turned into a recall.

The affected products have a Use By date of Nov. 1 and a case code of TFFLD 295 L5 EA or a Use By date of Nov. 2 and a case code of TFFLD 296 L5 EA. Consumers with fish allergies should toss them or return them to the store from whence they came for a refund.

Those with questions can contact Taylor Farms’ Crisis Hotline at 1-855-455- 0098.

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal