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‘Nun With a Chainsaw’ isn’t a horror flick. It’s a beer inspired by a Miami nun

In Miami, a nun wielding a chainsaw might be met with a chorus of “Because Miami” jaded posts on Facebook.

But even still, the image of Sister Margaret Ann, in full habit, slicing through tree debris strewn along the roads after Hurricane Irma with a chainsaw in September, couldn’t help but go viral and raise a few smiles.

Now, thanks to Due South Brewing Company of Boynton Beach, bemused beer drinkers can raise a glass to the only-in-Miami religious leader with the release of Nun With a Chainsaw.

The new brew, an India Pale Ale, said to emit “tropical and piney aromas and flavors,” was inspired by Sister Margaret Ann, the principal at Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, who charmed the community with her pluck and work ethic.

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“That story really resonated with us. The nun going out … Who else is going to go out and chop down all the debris? We all dealt with that. I know I did,” Doug Fairall, Due South Brewing’s marketing manager, told South Florida.Com.

Nun With A Chainsaw was released Friday in 16-ounce cans and is also available in draft.

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