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Diner’s Dictionary: Gnudi

What is it? Pronounced NEW-dee, gnudi are soft, pillowy dumplings often used in similar preparations (and mistakenly listed on restaurant menus) as gnocchi.

The difference? Gnudi are mainly made from ricotta cheese with just enough egg and flour to form a dough. Gnocchi are flour- or potato-based, sometimes with an addition of egg, breadcrumbs or cheese.

The ricotta in gnudi make them lighter and creamier than gnocchi. Simple sauces and fresh herbs allow gnudi to shine on the plate; try them with a pomodoro sauce or finished in a pan with sautéed mushrooms and rosemary.

Where to find it: The Vagabond Restaurant (7301 Biscayne Blvd.) serves a gnudi with kale butter, breadcrumbs and cabbage; $15.