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If you love rosé wine, you have no choice but to meet Meiomi

Meiomi’s 2016 rose is dry and oh so drinkable.
Meiomi’s 2016 rose is dry and oh so drinkable.

You may not believe it, but in some parts of the world there is a thing called “rosé season.” Apparently some faraway, mystical places are not warm enough to revel in the Pink Glory year-round.

Not here. In Miami and Homestead and Fort Lauderdale and Hialeah, we can drink rosé year-round, except for those three days each winter when temps slip below 60 degrees, everybody dusts off their leather jackets and the iguanas get a little nervous. And even then, if you really wanted rosé, it wouldn’t be that weird.

Which brings us to the 2016 rosé from Meiomi, a dry, pale salmon-hued California wine that is the sum total of grapes from three different counties — Sonoma, Monterey and Santa Barbara — and is delicious enough to make you cheat on every dry white you love (though Meiomi’s 2015 Chardonnay could put up a good fight with its lemon and crème brûlée overtones).

What it tastes like: Like someone took an orange peel in one hand and a rose petal in the other and grabbed a slice of watermelon and squeezed tenderly.

What to eat with it: Meiomi rosé and spicy food should go steady: The wine’s crisp minerality matched spicy tuna roll and spicy tofu. Anything barbecued or smoky in flavor is even better. Doesn’t even have to be meat. Meiomi director of winemaking Melissa Stackhouse, a soul braver than most, boldly ordered smoky grilled asparagus — a vegetable that goes with literally no wine ever in the history of wines — and the Meiomi rosé stood tall.

Where to get it: Whole Foods

How much: $24.99.

When you should drink it: At your brother-in-law’s barbecue when you suspect he’s going to serve cheap beer or any time of day drinking becomes a necessity.