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South Florida Food 50: David Rosendorf of Food for Thought Miami

David Rosendorf: Food for Thought Miami, at left.
David Rosendorf: Food for Thought Miami, at left. MIAMI HERALD STAFF

David Rosendorf, Food for Thought Miami

Why he’s in the Food 50: In a time when anyone with a Yelp account claims to be a food blogger, writer/photographer David Rosendorf, aka Frodnesor, is the real deal. Mild-mannered lawyer by day and co-organizer of Cobaya, Miami’s most active underground dining club, by night, Rosendorf would never admit it, but his intelligent musings* and crisp photography at his Food for Thought Miami site are up there with those by widely followed bloggers like Ulterior Epicure and A Life Worth Eating. In a city with a million-plus opinions, Rosendorf’s is a solid one to trust to uncover Miami’s best culinary experiences.

* Often with footnotes.

Where to find him:

Social: @frodnesor

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