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Ravens running back sues South Beach hotel after being robbed there

Terrance West
Terrance West

In a strange lawsuit filed Thursday in a Miami-Dade County court, Baltimore Ravens running back Terrance West says he was victimized twice in one day by thieves at The Metropole South Beach hotel.

West, 25, a reserve running back originally drafted out of Towson State by the Cleveland Browns, says both incidents occurred within a few hours Feb. 27 at the moderately priced hotel on Collins Avenue.

By the end of the day, the lawsuit says, West’s Miami Beach vacation had cost him $53,129 in stolen luxury goods and cash.

West says he was approached in the lobby by two women with whom he struck up a conversation. He had no plan to meet them later, the lawsuit reads.

They had different ideas.

The women went to the front desk and talked the clerk into making them a keycard to give them access into West’s room.

They were escorted to the room by a bellman, who peeked in and saw one of the women search the room.

When West returned, two Rolex watches were missing. He reported the thefts to hotel management and the Miami Beach Police, according to the lawsuit.

“An hour after the report was filed,” the court papers read, “Mr. West heard a knock on the door of his suite.”

West thought it was another cop with follow-up questions about the first incident. Instead, an unidentified male suspect forced his way into the room and threatened to kill West and a friend visiting him.

“Mr. West was under the belief that this man was armed with a firearm because he saw a bulge on the assailant’s hip,” the paperwork reads.

The robber asked for cash and got $5,000. He also took a pair of Christian Louboutin men’s shoes before disappearing.

Surveillance video confirmed the incidents reported by West; now he’s suing for two counts of negligence.

“My client lost $53,000 worth of things in the hotel and feared for his life, yet no one in charge has contacted him,” said Darren Heitner, West’s lawyer.

Jenny Baluja, the hotel’s manager, declined to comment.