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Bill Gates to Wellington ranch seller: Give back my mailbox

Bill Gates wants this mailbox back in Wellington.
Bill Gates wants this mailbox back in Wellington.

We’d never call South Florida part-timer Bill Gates cheap, but his purchase of a ranch next door to his in Wellington last week could give billionaire watchers pause.

After he spent $13.5 million on the five acres next door, Gates’ lawyer emailed the seller’s lawyer to ask about the disappearance of the property’s equestrian-themed mailbox and threaten to file a police complaint for theft.

Said attorney Craig Galle, who represented seller Stuart Roffman: “I find it surprising that the world’s richest man is nickel-and-diming my client over a silly mailbox.”

Roffman admitted to taking the mailbox, just like he had from properties he’s vacated for the past 20 years.

No comment from Gates’ lawyer.