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Sponsored Post: Richard Cole is one of INDULGE’s Top Attorneys

Attorney Richard Cole. Photograph by Christina Mendenhall.
Attorney Richard Cole. Photograph by Christina Mendenhall.

Richard Cole, the managing partner of Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A., recounts the firm’s rise from 13 lawyers to 400. 

How long has the firm been serving South Florida clients? “Twenty years.”

How many attorneys work for the firm? “About 400.”

What are the firm’s legal specialties? “Insurance Defense Litigation, Employment & Labor, Construction Law and Professional Liability Defense, to name a few.”

What is the best part about practicing law in South Florida? “The amount of talented lawyers and knowledgeable clients that make us a great team.”

What sets your firm apart from others? CSK’s reputation has been earned by, among other things, trying nearly 4,000 cases to verdict and handling thousands of appeals. In fact, CSK likely tries more civil cases to verdict than any Florida defense firm. These facts enable our clients to have confidence in the team they select at the firm to handle their matters to the most favorable conclusion possible.”

Is there a particular case you can mention that exemplifies the firm’s work and success? “Probably representing the City of Miami in the Fire Fee case, which resulted in a substantial settlement for the City.”

What is something people may not know about your firm that you would like them to know? “Our firm is very metrics-driven. We strive to be efficient. We actually closed 51 percent of our cases in 2017 within the first 120 days.”

Does the firm have any major plans for 2018-’19? “Our firm continues to grow in several of our locations, and as we grow we strive to employ attorneys with diverse and unique backgrounds, which is reflective of the communities in which we conduct out business. Our commitment to creating ethnically diverse offices is paramount. We plan to continue our growth in lawyers in our existing cities and will add an office in Fort Myers. Our Cyber Team will also be announced shortly, so that we can assist clients with this specialty practice.”

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