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Uber, Lyft offer pricing breaks for regular Miami riders


Miami’s frequent Uber users now have a new option: Ride Pass, a subscription service that guarantees fixed prices. The new service follows announcements earlier this fall of discount plans offered by both Uber and Lyft.

For $14.99 per month, Uber’s Ride Pass offers subscribers a fixed flat rate per trip from the same location, regardless of distance or time (meaning no surge pricing). Pricing is based on a passenger’s typical patterns. (For example, if a specific trip usually costs $8, the monthly subscription fee will lock in that price for the same route, regardless of when the ride takes place.) The company estimates users will save up to 15 percent per month over current costs.

Ride Pass is valid for UberX services (the cheapest trip), Uber Pool (travel shared with other people) and Uber Express Pool (in which the traveler goes to meet the driver or get off at a point on the route).

Ride Pass is renewed automatically and can be canceled at any time. Those interested can subscribe through the Uber app.

The flat fare will not affect Uber drivers, who will earn the same based on distance and time spent on each ride. The company has said it will cover the difference.

The program is designed to protect travelers from price fluctuation and surge pricing so they can plan their trips “without encountering unwanted surprises,” the company, which is preparing to go public in 2019, said in a statement.

The program is also offered in Austin, Orlando and Denver for $14.99 per month, and in Los Angeles for $24.99 per month.

In August, Uber introduced the Uber Plus discount program. For a cost of $30 per month, members of that program pay $5 each for up to 20 rides per month, for a total cost of $130 per month.

Earlier this fall, ride-sharing service Lyft, Uber’s main competitor, began offering an All-Access subscription plan. For $299 per month, a user gets 30 trips of up to $15 dollars per trip — a savings of about $150 per month for riders who use all 30 trips at the full value.