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McClatchy’s head of news Tim Grieve leaves company for new media venture

McClatchy named Tim Grieve, a former Sacramento Bee reporter, as its vice president of news in 2016.
McClatchy named Tim Grieve, a former Sacramento Bee reporter, as its vice president of news in 2016. Sacramento Bee

Tim Grieve, Vice President of News for McClatchy, announced Friday that he would step down from his position following the midterm elections on Nov. 7. He will be moving to a “new venture in the media space,” according to a statement from McClatchy.

As Vice President of News, Grieve oversees the company’s newsrooms and news strategies.

“During a time of significant industry disruption, Tim’s vision for local journalism and his intense focus on the areas where it can have the greatest impact has resulted in critical achievements for our company: Our newsrooms now reach more people than ever before with our own brand of local journalism that holds public officials accountable, makes a concrete difference in our communities and tells readers stories in compelling ways that will directly affect their lives,” said Craig Forman, President and CEO of McClatchy, in a news release.

Grieve has a long history with McClatchy, where he started as a reporter for the Sacramento Bee. He later attended law school at Georgetown University before returning to journalism and holding leadership roles at Salon, POLITICO and National Journal before returning to McClatchy in 2015 and becoming head of news in 2016.

“I started my career as a reporter at the Sacramento Bee straight out of college, and was incredibly lucky to get that job then. What struck me about the company then is what strikes me about the company now — it’s committed to producing high-quality local journalism in the public interest,” Grieve told Nieman Lab in 2016.

Grieve oversaw the company’s “Reinvention” initiative, which tasked newsrooms with rethinking which stories should be covered and how they would make the most impact.

“I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done -- and incredibly grateful for the way in which McClatchy’s journalists pour their hearts and souls into this work,” Grieve said in the release. “While I’m excited about the new project ahead of me, I’m going to miss working with the extraordinary McClatchy team.”

With Grieve’s departure, Forman said McClatchy’s four regional editors will now report directly to him.

“We have a strong and dynamic team of regional editors who each have the strategic vision, energy and record of achievement to push forward to our transformation,” Forman said.

Andrew Pergam, Vice President of Video and New Ventures, will oversee some aspects of the news operation, including real-time news, news desks and the reinvention team. Pergam, a Columbia University grad, came to McClatchy in 2014 after working as a senior editor and director of video at The Washington Post. He also spent years working in television news.

“Andy has done an outstanding job building our teams in video and new content technologies and is well positioned to take on this important responsibility,” Forman said in the release. “He and I will continue to work very closely to ensure our vision for news coverage is aligned and that we are operating in the most efficient ways possible.”

McClatchy owns 30 media companies across the nation, including the Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, Sacramento Bee, Charlotte Observer, with headquarters in Sacramento, California.