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New biometric scanning at Fort Lauderdale airport could mean shorter lines at security

CLEAR promises shorter lines at security for its users.
CLEAR promises shorter lines at security for its users. - CLEAR

Some passengers flying out of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport can now use biometric scanning to move through TSA security faster, the company CLEAR announced today.

For $15 a month subscription, travelers can use special kiosks that scan fingerprints and irises. Passengers will still have to go through TSA physical security — baggage x-rays and body scans — but the service can be used in conjunction with TSA Precheck.

Users will be led to a line separate from the normal TSA line where travelers wait to have their tickets cross-referenced with their driver’s licenses. CLEAR says the new line combined with the speed of the biometric scan means its users get through security much faster. CLEAR lanes are currently only available at terminal two, but the company says the service will expand to all terminals in the future.

The service is already present in 26 major airports including the Miami International Airport, Orlando International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport. CLEAR terminals can also be found in other venues such as AmericanAirlines Arena and Marlins Park. In total, CLEAR has a presence in 39 locations.

“More than one hundred million people visit Florida every year, so our ability to offer a fast, predictable experience at both airports and stadiums in the area is extremely valuable,” said Howard Kass, SVP of Corporate Affairs at CLEAR. “We’re excited to build upon the ways members seamlessly move through life with our launch at Fort Lauderdale.”

Subscribers can add additional family members for $50 a year and children under 18 can go through CLEAR lanes for free.

Enrollment at physical CLEAR locations is required, but the process can be started at