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In case you didn’t know: It’s a bad idea to buy a cellphone case that resembles a gun

In the market for a new cellphone case?

You have a lot of choices out there.

One you most definitely should stay away from: A case that is shaped like a handgun.

It could be really dangerous to carry something like that around, authorities warn.

We just did a brief Internet search and were able to easily find a few of them.

For example, one on the tech product site was described as “a sexy 3D toy gun,” with a silicone shell protective case for your iPhone 7, adding the case has no limits to how many times you can pull the trigger. It costs $22.92.

There have been numerous warnings throughout the years, but on Monday, the San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association sent out a renewed warning with a shared post from a cop.

“Please do not purchase or let your children purchase this cell phone case,” wrote the original poster, Aaron Sheehan. “Although a novelty, it will create unwanted scrutiny from law enforcement for whoever uses it.”

The SMCDSA added: “Regular citizens will see it and call 911 and then law enforcement will respond accordingly for a subject with a gun call...someone could potentially get shot depending on their actions when LEOs [law enforcement officers] respond.”