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‘Take that’: Woman smashed lawyer’s face with a metal makeup box and laughed, NY police say

A woman has been charged with hitting a lawyer in the face with a metal makeup box in New York.
A woman has been charged with hitting a lawyer in the face with a metal makeup box in New York. New York Police Department

A lawyer says she was heading to her office when she saw a woman who appeared to be dancing swing her arm back. “Isn't that nice, a woman is dancing on the street,” she reportedly thought, according to the New York Daily News.

The next thing she knew she was in “excruciating” pain, she told the newspaper.

Amy Bell, 37, allegedly bashed the woman in the face with a metal makeup box while shouting “white b***h, take that” and laughing on May 31, according to New York City police, Patch reported. Then Bell walked away, police allege, reported the publication.

The alleged victim, a 57-year-old white civil rights attorney, was left with the “worst pain you ever felt in your face,” she told NBC New York. She told the Daily News she asked the first person she saw: “Please tell me — do I have all my teeth?”

She was taken to the hospital and learned that thankfully, she had no broken bones, she told the Daily News. She suffered cuts to her face, the newspaper reported.

Police on Wednesday arrested Bell, who’s from Brooklyn, on charges of assault, aggravated harassment and harassment, NBC New York reported. Authorities have been investigating the incident, which was apparently unprovoked, as a possible hate crime, according to Patch. Bell is awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, the Daily News reported.

The woman didn’t have harsh words for her alleged attacker when she spoke to NBC New York about the incident.

"I really hope you get the help you need, and that you never do this to anybody else,” she said.

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