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New TV Show Review: PEG + CAT

PEG + CAT, a new show from PBS is coming and I'm F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G! (a Peg favorite word) The electric babysitter is now teaching kids math!  A much needed show. With a girl as the lead!

Peg is an adorable girl and cat is Ray Romano-esque. 

I love that the show is about a girl who does math.  Even better, I love that she is a SMART, high-energy girl who does math. A girl who would never give away all her magic rainbow marshmallows in an act of you'll-never-be-CEO-of-a-top-500-Company senseless kindness.  I love that there are clouds shaped like infinity symbols, a graph paper background, and absolutely no enchanted rainbow marshmallows or random acts of sparkling fairies.

Peg doesn't need magic.  She is SMART.  She is a cool girl with a sense of humor who solves problems with math and problem solving skills. She knows the curriculum.  She is also voiced by a girl who is awesomely perfect for the part.  

I also love that it doesn't appear that this show **starring a girl** is going to explore feelings. From what I can tell, they're going to stick with MATH.  

Feelings are not going to cure cancer or get you a scholarship to college 

In the episode I saw, Peg and Cat are picnic-ing with a pig, sharing proportional pieces of pie, when 100 chicks get loose.    They need to get the 100 chicks back into the pen before the farmer shows up.

Incredibly, the show teaches math without stopping to teach math.  It's just part of the show, organically. It's like the real world, where math is just part of everything.

To add, I had the incredible opportunity to meet the genius minds who came up with this show, Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley. They are really nice people who gave this show a lot of thought.

I only wish they had released this show two years ago.  My six year old is past this math.  But, to be fair, the show is geared towards kids ages 2-5. I am also that mom who owns a math workbook and is not afraid to show my child how to do double digit subtraction two years early.  

Creative minds at PBS reading this, could you make this show for 6-10 year olds?  My daughter and I really like what you've done here.   it's great down to the artwork. 

PEG + CAT is scheduled to start in Fall 2013.  Here are some games to enjoy in the meantime