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From the publisher: A new home for new times

Two years ago, when we set out to find a new home following the sale of our 50-year-old bayside building, we knew we needed a place that would be the foundation for the next chapter of our incredible history.

I am happy to report that we found what we needed in Doral, just four miles west of Miami International Airport. And the next chapter of the Miami Herald Media Co. is as enticing and promising as the first newspaper published nearly 110 years ago under the name Miami Evening Record, which was renamed The Miami Herald in 1910.

Our tradition — to inform, enlighten, entertain and advocate for our community — has been our hallmark for more than a century.

The work of our journalists at the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald has uncovered corruption, changed laws, highlighted advances and helped make this community a better place to live.

Those stories also have been honored with numerous awards, including 20 Pulitzer Prizes and a regional Emmy Award for our first documentary, following the devastating Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

In our new location, the tradition of elevating journalism to its highest and most relevant level will not only continue, it will get even mightier.

Our new space is equipped with the tools we need to stay current. It’s brought us to the 21st century with an open floor plan, wired newsroom and fully loaded radio and video studios.

We will continue to evolve and innovate across all platforms — from print to pixels — where we devote considerable energy today.

For 50 years, our previous location gave us great capabilities to expand our media into a powerhouse of offerings.

We did it in English, and in 1976, en español, with the publication of el Herald. The new and improved el Nuevo Herald was launched in 1987, and the following year, it became an independent publication.

We also did it with community news, with the introduction of our Neighbors sections in 1977. The first sections covered the Coral Gables and Coconut Grove areas and expanded to more sections a few years later.

In the early ’80s, Business Monday was launched to deliver magazine-style stories to start the workweek.

Digital news came in 1996 with the launch of HeraldLink, our online news and information site. Today, and serve eight million unique visitors per month.

A lot has happened in five decades, not just in the digital world, but also in print.

Today, our presses print a total of 23 publications, including The Wall Street Journal, El País and The New York Daily News.

Our HCP Aboard division produces 93 editions of in-room hotel books, in-flight magazines and most recently, Indulge magazine, a glamorous product that captures South Florida’s luxury lifestyle.

Now that we’ve settled into our new home, we’ll be better able to provide our readers, viewers and listeners with products and services that will delight them.

The Miami Herald Media Company is extraordinary for what we do, but it’s even more extraordinary for the people who are doing it.

We thank you for allowing us to chronicle great memories and we look forward to documenting many new and exciting beginnings.