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Weebles at the Miami Children's Museum

Tonight my daughter and I visited New York without rats, sat in lawn chairs and sought out constellations in Nevada, and meandered in North Dakota mid-winter. My daughter got to brush a horse (some horse-y state), try out skis (some winter-y state) and run a team of sled dogs (Alaska, where else?). I learned that Old Man Mountain in New Hampshire no longer exists and that New Mexico is not part of South America. (old joke).

The Weebles Coast to Coast. A 50-State Adventure exhibit at the Miami Children's Museum is great! Absolutely Francis Scott Key, better than a lip-synching Beyonce, Star Spangled Banner great.

The Weebles have an activity representing all 50 states and D.C. Note, I did not fact check that all 50 states were there but I am taking the word of my 5 year old nephew who was diligently putting stickers on his map of America, confirming his visits to each "state". (I can't wait until he is 6 and can show me how to use my iPhone.)

Tonight was the member preview and we got to see it early. Tomorrow morning it opens to the public.

If your child is studying the U.S. this is a great exhibit for reinforcement and creating a meaningful experience. If your child is under two or, like mine, has no interest in learning, this is a great exhibit as there is a lot to do and touch. Perhaps they will even learn by accident, which is my daughter's preferred learning style.

Thank you, too, MCM, for making an exhibit where I am not bored out of my head. Moms are not too old to learn and I love that here, while she plays, I can read. Each exhibit comes with choice tidbits about each state. I can now confirm that if I don't make it to all 50 states in my lifetime, I will not be heartbroken. One photo of a corn field/river rapid/mountain is worth 1000 visits.

I was also mystified by the lack of branding. There were a few Weebles here and there, but nothing as blatant as there could have been. The exit to the room was not a gift shop.

So if you have a chance, moms, take your kids. This museum show is really a worth while one.

A special shout out to Sean "Dream" Long who makes so many MCM events even more awesomer with his amazing dramatic flair, humor and patience.