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Ex-Broward deputy Maury Hernandez charged with trying to strangle newlywed wife

An argument over an upcoming Valentine’s Day outing ended with former Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Maury Hernandez in jail accused of strangling his new wife, police said Monday.

Hernandez first made headlines five years ago when he was shot in the head during a routine traffic stop, spent weeks in a coma, and made a miraculous recovery before retiring from the sheriff’s office.

But on Monday, Hernandez, 33, was clad in a red jumpsuit — reserved for high-profile inmates — appearing in a Miami-Dade courtroom, where Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat ordered him to stay away from Yvonne Linen, his wife of three months, but allowed him once-a-week visitation with their son, Maury Hernandez Jr.

Hernandez, charged with felony battery by strangulation, was freed from jail on $2,500 bond,

According to an arrest report, Hernandez and Linen argued Sunday about their son staying with Hernandez’s parents. As they were driving, Linen was looking for a charger in the car’s glove box when Hernandez grew angry.

After they stopped the car, Hernandez pushed Linen, 32, and choked her with his right hand, leaving “visible bruising and red scratches to the front area of the throat-neck area,” the Miami-Dade police arrest report said.

Linen, a Miami-Dade officer, has been with Hernandez for two years. He divorced his first wife, Jody, in 2008, according to court records.

In court Monday, Nayib Hassan, Hernandez’s attorney, questioned Linen’s version of events, pointing out that one of the former officer’s hands — his left — was rendered immobile after the 2007 shooting.

Reached at their Miami Lakes home Monday, Linen declined comment. The Miami Herald was unsuccessful in reaching Hernandez.

On Aug. 8, 2007, Hernandez was shot in the back of the head while on duty. David Maldonado, a motorcyclist, was stopped by Hernandez for speeding through several red lights on Pembroke Road. He shot Hernandez, who fell into a coma and gradually recovered.

Maldonado was convicted of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and sentenced to life in prison.

Hernandez sued the Florida Department of Corrections for negligence two years later, claiming the department did not follow up on Maldonado’s explanation for possessing a gun. Maldonado, an ex-con with a lengthy criminal record, had said the gun was for work-related purposes.

Fragments of bullet remain in Hernandez’s head, and he has motor-function problems on the left side of his body.

In January 2012, Hernandez shot a homeless man in Miami Lakes. The man allegedly tried to assault Hernandez’s family at a shopping center on 16403 NW 67th Ave. The retired officer fired his registered gun several times at the man, who was wandering the area asking for money, and approached Hernandez, Linen, his then-fiancée and their child. The homeless man survived, and Hernandez was not charged.

Staff Writer Julie K. Brown contributed to this story.