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Two women shot dead in Tamarac

A woman whose house has a long history of visits from the police was shot and killed Wednesday morning by a Broward Sheriff’s deputy after the woman allegedly shot and killed a second woman and then refused to drop her weapon when confronted outside her Tamarac home, police said.

BSO identified the woman shot by the deputy as Linda Sue Davis, 60, who lived at 4714 NW 44th Street in the Mainlands neighborhood. Neither the other woman shot and killed nor the deputy who shot Davis have been identified.

Police said Davis had already taken the life of the other woman when the confrontation with the deputy occurred.

Sheriff Scott Israel, in just his second day on the job, was on the scene and said an “intense investigation’’ would take place.

According to Israel, the deputy who shot Davis was patrolling along Northwest 44th Street when a resident flagged him down and reported that a woman was in the middle of the street waving a gun.

When the deputy arrived, he found an elderly woman face-down in the driveway of Davis’ home, BSO officials said. Deputies reported that the woman was shot inside Davis’ house shortly after 10:35 a.m.

Davis, who was still inside the house, then came outside holding a handgun, according to police reports, and the deputy ordered her to drop the weapon.

“But she continued to advance toward him and raised the gun, forcing him to fire,’’ according to a BSO report of the incident.

Davis is suspected of having shot to death the elderly woman in what Israel characterized as a potential dispute. He said he did not know the nature of the relationship between Davis and the second woman.

However, Israel said, BSO deputies are familiar with Davis.

“We have been here before,’’ he said.

According to BSO, deputies have responded to calls at Davis’ home 79 times since March 2008 for various reasons ranging from suspicious incidents to a mentally ill person, medical calls, breaking and entering, and disturbances. Four calls came in since Nov. 30, BSO said.

The deputy involved in the shooting met with his attorney Wednesday, Israel said.

“We haven’t spoken with him,’’ the sheriff said, adding that the deputy was placed on administrative leave.

He said BSO homicide investigators will interview the deputy at a later time.

As police closed the narrow residential street where Wednesday’s shootings occurred, family members of Linda Davis gathered nearby.

Andrew Davis said his sister “had a condition’’ and that she needed to take “heavy medication.’’

Andrew Davis, 70, said his sister suffered a nervous breakdown some time ago, and that BSO deputies were very familiar with her condition.

“Police have come here, restrained her, and taken her to the hospital before,’’ he said. “They took her to keep her from hurting herself.’’

As police interviewed neighbors and combed the crime scene, Andrew Davis was left with more questions than answers.

He said he was told by homicide investigators that a woman appeared at his sister’s front door on Wednesday morning.

He said he does not know who that woman was, or why she was at his sister’s house.

Andrew Davis added that he does not know why his sister had a gun when she suffered from a nervous condition.

“I’ve never known her to have a gun,’’ he said.

Andrew Davis described his sister as “very educated,’’ and said she worked as a medical technician prior to her “accident,’’ which he declined to describe as anything more than a “breakdown.’’

He insisted that Linda Davis was not the type of person to hurt others unprovoked.

“Someone had to bother her to get her riled up,’’ he said. “She never came out of the house.’’

But neighbor Char Davidson, 59, said Davis was a friendly woman who rode around the neighborhood on a three-wheeled bicycle, saying hello to everyone.

“She never bothered anyone as far as I know,’’ Davidson said.