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Document | David Hicks' statement

The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia published the following statement on its website, attributing it David Hicks and issued on his release from an Adelaide prison Saturday through his lawyer, David McLeod.

"I had hoped to be able to speak to the media but I am just not strong enough at the moment, it's as simple as that.I am sorry for that.

"As part of my conditions of release from Guantánamo Bay, I agreed not to speak to the media on a range of issues before March 30, 2008. It's my intention to honor this agreement as I don't want to do anything that might result in my return there.

"So for now, I will limit what I have to say I will say more at a later time.''

Hicks also reportedly said he recognized "the huge debt of gratitude that I owe the Australian public for getting me home. I will not forget or let you down.''

"Right now I am looking forward to some quiet time with my wonderful Dad, my family and friends. I ask that you will respect my privacy as I will need time to readjust to society and obtain medical care for the consequences of five and a half years at Guantánamo Bay.

"I have been told that my readjustment will be a slow process and should involve a gentle transition away from the media spotlight.''