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VIDEO REVIEW: Tenacious D film has scuzzy charm

Part rock movie, part road movie, part twisted fantasy, "The Pick of Destiny" is one of those oddball comedies that should find a willing audience.

That audience might be garage rock bands, stoners or Jack Black fans, none of which are mutually exclusive. There's something for all three here.

"Pick of Destiny" is the fictionalized story of how Black and Kyle Gass formed their band Tenacious D a decade ago. Black plays JB, the fictionalized reject of a fundamentalist family, who stumbles upon slacker Gass on Venice Beach. Through a series of contrivances, they end up living together, then embarking on a quest to steal a magic pick from the Rock History Museum. It's said to be made from the tooth of Satan. Musicians who use it are assured of stardom.

Getting to the pick takes some doing, as the fellas are waylaid by sorority sisters and their own insecurity. Then there's Satan himself, who shows up in the final reel for a rock 'n' roll showdown.

Silly? Absolutely. And profane. There may not be another movie this year that uses the F-word quite so liberally.

That said, "The Pick of Destiny" has a scuzzy charm. There's a hilarious scene in which Black's character eats some wild mushrooms and embarks on a hallucinogenic trip; he imagines himself as the son of Sasquatch. You'll also find amusing cameos from Ben Stiller, Tim Robbins and Amy Pohler.

"The Pick of Destiny" is a lot like cutting-edge rock: It's raw and rebellious and loud.

Extras: Fourteen deleted scenes, a gag reel and director/star commentary.

"Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny" is available on DVD from New Line. 93 minutes. Rated R. $27.95. Grade: B-