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Natuzzi Italia: Furniture that’s created in Italy and inspired by harmony

The Torsion table by Natuzzi was designed by Mario Bellini.
The Torsion table by Natuzzi was designed by Mario Bellini.

Natuzzi Italia, the world’s best-known Italian lifestyle brand in the furniture sector, pursues the goal of harmony through its soft and enveloping designs, innovative functions and creative shapes, materials and colors.

Some of its products that exemplify this pursuit of harmony:

Icon Living Room Collection

The Natuzzi Icon sofa.

Like the adventures and characters that fill novels, living rooms are characterized by the stories of the people who inhabit them. Made up of modular sofas, side tables, end tables and lamps, the Icon Collection is inspired by the dandyish, elegant and relaxed atmospheres of a London sitting room, revisited with a contemporary twist and distinctive for its soft and generous forms, fine materials and warm and homely feel.

With its soft forms and round and curvy appearance, the Icon sofa is reminiscent of an authentic Natuzzi icon: the 641 model of 1989 whose “visual comfort” typified the Natuzzi style of the 1980s and ’90s. Like the tailored suit of today’s gentleman, the design of the sofas recalls typical forms of the Natuzzi tradition, bringing them up to date with contemporary and deconstructed lines.

Torsion and Phantom Dining Collection

Torsion table by Natuzzi.

During the High Point Market, Natuzzi presented its collaboration with designer and architect Mario Bellini, winner of eight Compasso d’oro. Bellini designed an imposing round table for Natuzzi Italia, equipped with a thick top of extra-clear glass. Called Torsion, it has as support a weave of six petals of solid olive wood, which opens to support the glass top.

Dining Generale Modifica Sedia
Phantom table by Natuzzi Italia.

The elegant Phantom table, designed by Mauro Lipparini, is characterized by a light, floating design: the majesty of the wood and the lightness of the glass base make the design of this table unique and highly distinctive. Two extra-clear glass plates support the table top, which seems to be suspended in the air. The base is completed by a solid wood board that runs parallel to the table top and connects the two plates. The top is veneered in open-pore brushed walnut with solid wood edges.

Venere Bed

Natuzzi Italia_Venere_2
The Venere bed by Natuzzi Italia.

The Venere is a clean, sensual and feminine design for a bed that is astonishing from every point of view.