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Hermès tiger tray is a reminder that change can have enduring effects

The Tigre Royal Change Tray by Hermes.
The Tigre Royal Change Tray by Hermes.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.” So said Mahatma Gandhi, the peaceful activist who labored for India’s independence.

In Hindu symbolism, Durga, the warrior goddess who fights for justice, is depicted astride a tiger. The imagery represents royalty, fearlessness and strength.

Painted by hand on porcelain, the majestic tiger on Hermès’ Tigre Royal Change Tray has a regal, impassive posture, embodying a nobility and dignity to which we can all aspire.

The tray can serve as a daily reminder that changes, however small, can have enduring effects. Even the spare coins in our pockets can go toward causes that fight ignorance, cruelty and violence. In life there may always be conflict and suffering, but each of us can strive to change ourselves and the world around us.

$1,975. Hermès at Miami Design District, 163 Northeast 39th Street, Miami; 305-868-0118; hermes.com.

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