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From the Publisher: Let INDULGE inspire your adventures

Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand, one of the many adventures you can discover in the Home & Design issue of INDULGE.
Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand, one of the many adventures you can discover in the Home & Design issue of INDULGE.

One of the many pleasures of exploring the rich pages of INDULGE, in addition to this month’s Home & Design cover story, is how our team of storytellers and photographers delivers our city’s unique culture of enjoyment. This issue features an array of content designed to inspire your adventures, delight your palate, and remind you to plan that intriguing getaway (to Thailand!) or simple staycation to Florida’s West Coast or right in our backyard at Miami’s newest bed and breakfast, The Copper Door.

Let’s begin with a high-octane idea: Imagine the melding of a luxurious residence and your dream automobile. What would that look like, feel like, even smell like? For those of us who secretly love our cars enough to want to live with them, we’ll get your engine running in Where Cars Are the Stars. Maybe you choose to live in the Aston Martin Residences, where you can be a couch potato on a Scottish Highlands leather sofa, with the same super-soft materials used in their cars seats. And if it’s that new-car smell you can’t get enough of, secure your place at the Porsche Design Tower, where the design team is infusing the building with Porsche’s signature perfume!

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If you’re more into cuisine than cars, you’ll love our survey of Miami’s best new high-end Asian restaurants. I appreciate the artistry of a subtly layered dish, with über-fresh ingredients meant to be savored in the moment. In Dish, we serve up 10 noteworthy and fanciful Asian dishes from Kendall to Brickell to Wynwood. Each item is a must-have when you visit these hot spots (one of them a secret location), so take notes! And whatever you choose to sample on your culinary journey, don’t miss the fire-roasted Peking Duck Buns from Lotus + Cleaver at the trendy Asian food hall 1-800-Lucky. I’m absolutely craving them right now!

After you’ve had your fill of those, why not explore some hidden treasures just off the Palmetto? In this issue’s Neighborhood, we dialed up a friend, Jon Secada, to be our personal guide to Hialeah. I can’t imagine a better choice to help us unwrap this dynamic city, which is being rebranded as “Leah” — as in the Leah Arts District. It’s here that you can take in the colorful graffiti murals while measuring up the triple threat of cafecito + croqueta + pastelito. And if you happen to run into Jon around town, ask him to tell you about the inspiration for his latest single, Como Fue.

Finally, if our Home & Design issue motivates you to purchase something fabulous for your abode, you’ll love The Local, curated by Claudia Miyar and showcasing some beautiful finds. Flip to the back of the magazine to see her Indulgence, a work of art from Gucci Décor that’s sure to solve any decorating dilemma. No dilemma? No problem. The designer objets in this issue of INDULGE are all truly spectacular, and they make the perfect eye candy for that special place you call home.

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