Cheryl Tiu is a world-renowned influencer who seeks out Miami’s best food, fashion and more

Cheryl Tiu has embedded herself in the culture of Miami. Photograph by Carina Mask.
Cheryl Tiu has embedded herself in the culture of Miami. Photograph by Carina Mask.

Cheryl Tiu is a World’s 50 Best Restaurants Tastehunter. A promoter of Filipino food and culture. A fan of natural wine. This Instagram influencer knows how to devour the best of Miami. Some of her top picks: 

The Food Hall

THE FOOD HALL Yuzu_NoodleswDuck1
Noodles with duck from Yuzu at St. Roch Market in the Miami Design District.

“I’m often at St. Roch Market at the Design District. I especially like Yuzu (pictured), which serves Southeast Asian fare by Andrew Zarzosa, and Itamae, which serves excellent Peruvian-Japanese food.” 140 Northeast 39th Street, Miami; miami.strochmarket.com.

The Wine

THE WINE no sapiens
No Sapiens - a natural wine recommended by Cheryl Tiu.

“I fell in love with natural wine after visiting the country of Georgia last year. Karina Iglesias of Niu Kitchen and Arson pours some excellent natural wines at those restaurants.” 134 and 104 Northeast Second Avenue, Miami; niukitchen.com; arsonmiami.com.

The Glam


“Miami-based Dionea Orcini makes jewelry that is often worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Shakira, Laura Dern and Angela Bassett. Her pieces are gorgeous and have a mystical appeal.” dioneaorcini.com.

The Charity

Recipes for Change connects chefs to underserved communities.

“Chef Santiago Gomez of Cantina la Veinte and Tacology founded Recipes for Change with his wife, Camila Basmagi. Every month, they gather some of Miami’s best chefs to cook for about 300 people in need at Camillus House.” 1603 Northwest Seventh Avenue, Miami; camillus.org.

The Glassware

THE GLASSWARE Riedel stemless wine glass
How chic? Stemless wine glasses from Riedel.

“I’m obsessed with stemless wine glasses. They’re convenient and super-chic. I tend to use Zalto when I’m in the Philippines, but in Miami, I prefer Riedel.Williams-Sonoma, 1691 Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach; williams-sonoma.com.

The Gym

THE GYM Anatomy revisit-3
Anatomy in Miami Beach.

“When you eat out as much as I do, it’s necessary to work out. My boyfriend and I are members at Anatomy.1220 20th Street, Miami Beach; anatomyfitness.com.

The Bag

THE BAG Aranaz Pina Palma Bag
Aranaz bags are

“Aranaz bags, which are proudly made in the Philippines, have become popular worldwide. Made from seagrass, braided leather, straw, raffia and wood, they can go from day to night.” Anthropologie, 330 San Lorenzo Avenue, Coral Gables; anthropologie.com.

The Table

Clean lines, a hallmark of Scandinavian design with a Japanese touch.

“Vito Selma is one of the most popular and innovative furniture designers in the Philippines — really clean Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics with Filipino craftsmanship.” Oggetti Designs Showroom, 4141 Northeast Second Avenue, Miami; oggettidesigns.com.

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