You know their brands. Now, meet the team that is styling the world one client at a time

CEO Tev Finger and President Dan Langer are two Miami fashionistas, foodies, husbands and fathers that just so happen to be the kingpins behind Luxury Brand Partners.

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Dan Langer Headshot 2019 (1).jpg
Dan Langer, President of R+Co and CMO for Luxury Brand Partners.

Responsible for our some of America’s cult-favorite go-to products like R+CO, Smith & Cult, V76, and IGK, these two passionate and tasteful and, as we found out, humorous men sat down with INDULGE to chat about their culinary preferences, shopping secrets and reasons they ended up in the Magic City.

INDULGE: Where in Miami do you live?

Tev Finger: We live in Morningside, Miami.

Dan Langer: And, we live in North Miami Beach.

INDULGE: What brought you to Miami / Are you from here originally?

TF: I was working in New York right before hurricane Sandy and when the storm hit, and our Oribe Hair Care office was unfortunately destroyed. Oribe used to be part of our portfolio. Before Sandy, I was reconsidering locating to a warmer city and I knew that Miami had a ton of beauty talent and entrepreneurs in the industry, so it felt like the right move and we haven’t looked back.

I love the people, the culture, the weather, and the attitudes of the locals. Miami is doing all the right things to make it a major player in the business world. We established our company Luxury Brand Partners, the umbrella of which all brands fall under, with our headquarters based in the Design District.

DL: I was born in Toronto and then spent about 20 years in New York, where I met my wife and started my family. Weather was originally what brought us here. We were sitting around a pool in Surfside in February, and wondered why we had to wait until we retired to be warm and tanned all year-round.

What has kept us here is the energy and people – while a bit more relaxed then New York, the burgeoning creativity and amazing mix up of cultures has been both inspiring and welcoming.

INDULGE: On your free time in the city, where can we find you?

TF: I love going to homestead and looking at all the nurseries, animal ranches, and farms out there. I also really enjoy the Design District – what Craig Robbins has developed is completely unique and nothing else exists like it in the world.

I enjoy hanging out in Wynwood, as well at the Mana properties. Moishe Mana is also visionary and help put Wynwood on the map. I love being around brilliant minds like these two people.

INDULGE: What is your favorite cocktail bar in town / favorite drink spot?

TF: 100% Kaido in Design District – there is no better NYC vibe cocktail spot.

DL: Ama, the speakeasy at Kaido. They have a rice beer with kaffir lime and lemongrass that I go there just to have!

INDULGE: Where do you shop locally? And, not just for clothes but for food.

DL: Kith, Flight Club, Bal Harbour Shops, and every art show. I also love a good Cuban coffee (of course) so, Three Palms on my way to work … or a special trip to a gas station near my apartment that makes the best cafe con leche. It’s crazy, but you can’t beat gas station coffee in Miami!

INDULGE: Who/what is your style inspiration?

TF: I’m a big fan of jeans, a nice blazer with a dress shirt, a pocket square and sneakers. In the summer, I wish I could wear shorts to work, but that just doesn’t feel right. Garren, who is a very famous hairdresser and founder of R+Co brand gives me style tips. He has a killer eye for taste and I trust him.

DL: I think of my style as skater mixed with preppy sneakerhead. I grew up working in fashion and beauty – and shop a lot (I call it research). I actually think Miami has always been a style inspiration for me because I wear a ton of color, like turquoise, pink and coral.

INDULGE: What are your summer plans?

TF: As I mentioned I love Homestead and bought a small farm as a getaway from the city. It’s only 35mims from The Keys and it’s just magical. I have some chickens, dogs, mangos, avocados, and limes. It’s my happy place.

DL: Still working on them…probably a little city and a little beach. Plans will involve New York and Toronto as our families are there – maybe a few days in Manhattan and then a short trip to the Hamptons and/or Muskoka.

INDULGE: Any dream beauty brands you would like to acquire?

TF: I’m always on the lookout for the next big brand, but right now I’m focused on launching several new brands over the next year. I think less about acquisitions as I leave this to the pros, but I like startups where the creativity and strategy makes or breaks the brand – that’s where I am comfortable.

DL: I spend my days and nights thinking about R+Co ( but I would like to collaborate with Supreme, Comme des Garcons and Off White to make an R+Co version with them. I love working with other creative brands and seeing what materializes.

INDULGE: What are your favorite products from your own brands at LPB?

TF: v76 has amazing men’s products. The Shave Beard Oil and Hydrating Shampoo are amazing and smell great. The entire V76 collection has something for everyone.

V76 Clean Shave.jpg
Clean Shave Gel Cream by v76.

DL: R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub is a great way to refresh yourself after the gym or in the morning. Also great for your beard! I also love R+Co Sandcastle. It’s a great lightweight paste that will make you look like you are on vacation. And, last but not least, V76 Smooth Shave Cream. It is hands down the best shave cream in the market.

R+Co CROWN Scalp Scrub.jpg
Crown Scalp Scrub by R + Co.