When Chopard and Valentino need a social media guru, they turn to Idalia Salsamendi

In today’s social media, screen-obsessed society that can feel devoid of actual human connections, Idalia Salsamendi wants to change that. She’s a fierce girl boss who’s building her influencer marketing empire based on three simple factors: be kind, deliver good work and stay professional.

“I never take my work for granted and always go above and beyond for my clients who become family,” she said. “I want to build relationships. In our email-addicted society we’re losing some of that. We need to bring the humanity back.”



One day while living in Los Angeles, Salsamendi answered a nondescript Craigslist ad for an internship at a modeling agency. To her surprise it ended up being Ford Models, famous for

representing icons like Naomi Campbell. Three years later, she transitioned to NEXT Management in L.A. before moving to Manhattan to run its talent division.

As social media gained even more traction and models began evolving into influencers, Salsamendi saw an opportunity to go off on her own and founded Idalia Salsamendi, Inc., an influencer marketing and social media business strategy firm, three years ago.

Focusing on designing creative and compelling campaigns, she delivers engaging content that’s executed with perfection. The digital doyen, who works with luxury brands like Chopard and legendary influencers like Brittany Xavier and Jacey Duprie, has built her business on being selective on who she represents and making sure each of her clients has a philanthropic focus.

“Everything I do has to have a charitable element and do something better for society,” she said.


As the Director of Business Development for blogger and fashion designer Chriselle Lim’s company Chriselle Inc., Salsamendi created the “12 Days of Chriselle” holiday campaign, as a way for the influencer and brands to unite forces and not only highlight products but shine a light on specific charities. Since its inception, Chriselle has raised and donated $70,000 to nonprofits.

Salsamendi’s philanthropic affinity is also showcased in her jewelry line LaHavane that now boasts “it girl” fans like Danielle Bernstein and Emily Ratajkowski. Co-founded with her mom, the duo searches worldwide for inspiration and hand assembles each unique piece, with proceeds from sales going to charity.

As her reputation as a leader in the digital world grew, Salsamendi started to hear conflicting advice from her contemporaries. To remedy that, she started her own podcast, Realization, to share her personal and in-depth knowledge about digital marketing and take listeners behind the scenes of the influencer world.


If digital strategist, jewelry designer and podcaster wasn’t enough, Salsamendi is also a newlywed who was recently married in Spain donning a long-sleeved Tory Burch dress and white sling-back Dior pumps. Married to a Spaniard, just like her father, Salsamendi will soon split her time between Miami and Seville.

Luckily, to continue to revolutionize the digital space, all Salsamendi needs is her laptop, cell phone and Wi-Fi.

“For the foreseeable future, social media is going to continue to be the primary source of advertising,” Salsamendi said. “My personal hope is to use social media to bring awareness to causes that will better society and to people who speak their truth in a kind way.”