Local legends toasted to Legent™ Bourbon, as the high-end whiskey label celebrated its Miami debut

On May 20th, legends including Romero Britto, Charles Johnson, Warren Sapp and OJ Mcuffie, gathered to experience the extraordinary launch of Legent™ Bourbon.


Legent is a collaboration as distinct as the two whiskey legends who made it: Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh-generation Master Distiller, and Suntory’s Shinji Fukuyo, the fifth-ever chief blender from the storied 120-year-old founding house of Japanese whiskey.

OJ McDuffie, Charles Johnson and Romero Britto with Tim Heuisler, Warren Sapp and Ángel Febres.

Tim Heuisler, Beam Suntory’s American Whiskey Ambassador, led guests through an experiential and sensorial tasting, sharing his passion for bourbon whiskey and the incredible story behind the brand.

Tim Heuisler.jpg
Tim Heuisler.

Guests delighted in the smooth bourbon tasting options, as well as refreshing specialty cocktails and an array of charcuterie appetizers.

Monte Traficante Heather Cardassi.jpg
Monte Traficante and Heather Cardassi.

The VIP-only private event was followed by an exclusive dinner at Zuma Miami.

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More photos of the evening:

Charles Johnson with O.J McDuffie and Warren Sapp.

Chountelle Bullock with Tim Heuisler.

Anthony Capparelli and Bryan Dedeker, with Jason Brotsky and Victor Sanchez.

Lana Ohs with Shen Yin and Courtney King.

Patrick Cassidy and Bryan Dedeker.

Katrina Vargas-Vila with Jenny Starr Perez and Kristina Corrales.

Ángel Febres and Rick Sarille.