Parrot Key Hotel & Villas should be your next staycation spot. Here’s why.

Nestled perfectly between quaint Old Town Key West and an ever-so-inviting stretch of beach, Parrot Key Hotel & Villas is your newest vacation obsession. Fresh off a $25 million-dollar renovation, this beachfront resort was named “One of the Best New Hotels in the World” by Travel & Leisure magazine. Floridians, especially, need not shell out the big bucks to vacation at sparkling resorts in Costa Rica or the Galápagos – Parrot Key boasts all the luxuries of a stay in the tropics, right in our backyards.


A life of luxury

Staycation-ers will delight in even their first steps onto Parrot Key’s sandy locale, where each guest is handed a cool glass of their signature tropical sangria upon arrival. And, if the bribe of sweet wine is not enough to make you stay, the charming, two-story villas adorned with their own set of cerulean beach chairs, will surely do the trick.


New Look

Post-renovation, Parrot Key now offers 148 rooms of different capacities, including a batch of breathtaking beachfront villas with some serious VIP perks. Guests fortunate enough to call these villas home for a week or so can partake in the premium Waterfront Experience, a package that includes flexible check-in and check-out times, complimentary gifts and reserved beach chairs. VIP or not, each room oozes serenity and minimalism, with white-washed walls, blue nuances and flooding sunlight.

Among some of the other changes made during this mammoth renovation are four unique poolside experiences. Parrot Key’s crystalline pools are interactive – one has a Hemingway-esque reading corner where you can borrow books, another a local artist’s mural and of course gourmet poolside dining across the board.


Adventure awaits

But, let’s face it. The real attraction of Key West is, well, Key West. Folks can take part in on-site watersports like jet skiing and paddle boarding just steps from their rooms. Parrot Key also offers off-site snorkeling or scuba diving excursions for the more adventurous, or those just dying to swim alongside the stingrays and sharks.


Parrot Key Hotel & Villas has created an enclave so luxurious that you’ll start to wonder whether you’re in Florida or the luscious tropics. Floridians, ready your duffels, because paradise is, literally, right around the corner.