Machine of Sound: A variety of acts and mesmerizing extras helped III Points Miami 2019 elevate the music festival experience

Miami’s much needed moment of psychedelic clarity came last weekend courtesy of III Points Miami 2019. Going on its sixth year and unceremoniously club sandwiched among Art Wynwood, Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Watches & Wonders and Miami International Boat Show, the festival’s refreshingly eclectic collection of main acts graced the main “Mind Melt” stage, while other performance spaces like the “Isotropic Stage” and “Boiler Room” spread out the experience enough to make the festival feel oddly intimate.


Sure, alcohol options were limited, yet food from vendors like @pubbellysushi.usa, @fooqsmiami and @crazypokebowl hit the proverbial spot in the outdoor dining garden.

Satellite installations and experiences gave the festival its fun-yet-meaningfully-artistic punch with a boozy and multi-sensory “Skate Space”, an inexplicable free cliff diving opportunity, a decommissioned Gravitron ride-turned-bar, and freight containers offering curated projections by ICA Miami.


Mana Wynwood gave some air-conditioned respite along with the tersely hallucinogenic “Aether” spacial light installation by Max Cooper and Architecture Social Club that kept us glued to the carpeted floor for way longer than necessary.

And speaking of mildly disorienting... III Points’ crowd was made up of the impossibly beautiful creatures of the Miami creative underworld. Between all the self-published poets and cotton-candy-haired mavens, we were intermittently distracted from the music.


That’s right, the music! Performance highlights included an ethereal evening with melancholy dream duo Beach House and a high-octane performance by powerhouse SZA. James Blake delivered R&B and soulful sounds amidst performances by Erykah Badu, Herbie Hancock, A$AP Rocky and the positively mesmerizing Kelsey Lu. This year’s edition truly had something for everyone.

It was a weekend for creative osmosis filled with bass-heavy drones and experimental, atmospheric dreampop under a gigantic, suspended and somewhat unnerving disco ball that felt oddly sentient as it watched approvingly over us all.