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Wynwood’s Second Saturday is moving to Fifth Avenue

Second Saturday, the popular Wynwood Art Walk, is moving over to Northwest Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street.

The galleries that once occupied the art district originally started Art Walk, which happens the second Saturday of every month.

Tony Albelo, chief executive of Swarm Event Agency, which began managing Second Saturday two years ago, said the move will give more attention to a less busy area of Wynwood.

“Since Wynwood has always been a cutting edge, hip, and up-to-the-moment place, we decided we’re going to keep the spirit of Wynwood alive and we’re going to jump on Fifth Avenue before it’s the next big thing,’’ he said.

The old Art Walk was mainly along Northwest Second Avenue, around 22nd and 23rd Streets. The event has become very popular.

“The parking is always very difficult to find and when you can find it, it’s 20-dollar parking. Where the epicenter of Art Walk is moving, there are 3,000 parking spaces that are secure and ready to go. What we think will start happening is people will park on Fifth Avenue, start their day and walk over to Second Avenue and check out some of the stores — instead of doing it the opposite way.”

Albelo said street parking is available, and lot owners have committed to charging only $5 for parking. He said they’re negotiating with the parking lot owners to try to get free parking for the first few months. Swarm also has met with the City of Miami-Department of Solid Waste to provide more garbage cans, and contracted with Misty Cleaning to clean up the site and service the portable restrooms.

The event will continue to be free. The new location will have live entertainment, food trucks and provide spaces for people to sit down and eat. Swarm also is working with local radio stations to provide music from local musicians.

Said Abelo: “This month we’re going to have our regulars but next month we’re going to start working with them.”

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