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Four-star restaurant busted after not paying 57 workers earned overtime wages

Diners at Fish Restaurant gave the Naples establishment four-and-a-half star ratings on Open Table, three stars on Yelp, three and a half stars on Google and four stars on TripAdvisor. Meanwhile, Fish didn’t give its workers earned overtime pay.

“Instead, Fish Ristorante LLC paid workers their straight time rates without regard to the number of hours they worked,” the U.S. Department of Labor announced this week. “The violations affected employees including servers, cooks, food runners, and kitchen staff.”

So, the restaurant managed by Salvatore Sinizieri has paid $50,391 in back pay and liquidated damages to 57 affected workers, the Department of Labor said.

This is the second Naples four-star restaurant to get caught recently being light on the paycheck. In August, Labor announced Aqua paid $35,942 in back pay and damages to 15 employees.

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