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Rodents pooped all over these restaurants. Five were shut down

A statewide look at Florida’s top restaurant violations

Routine, unannounced restaurant inspections ensure food retail establishments are in compliance with state sanitation and food safety procedures. These are the top ten violations found between 2015-16 in Florida restaurant kitchens.
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Routine, unannounced restaurant inspections ensure food retail establishments are in compliance with state sanitation and food safety procedures. These are the top ten violations found between 2015-16 in Florida restaurant kitchens.

Before you go out for Thanksgiving dinner (some people don’t like to cook) or head to a restaurant after the holiday (some people get tired of leftovers), we figured we’d drop some Rodent Report knowledge on you.

These Miami-Dade and Broward places were cited by state inspectors — some were shut down for the day — for having rodents or evidence of rodents over the last month. These come straight from the state inspection reports without passion or prejudice:

▪  Budare Bistro, 1916 Weston Rd., Weston — Sometimes, having only eight violations is enough to get your doors shut if one of the violations involves fresh rodent droppings. Noted on Nov. 6: “Moist one next to prep sink. Moist one under grill table. More than five moist under kitchen equipment.” On Nov. 7, Budare got things straightened out. Well, except for that live roach on the wall.

▪  Exquisite Catering by Robert, 1800 NE 150th St., North Miami — The inspector noted Wednesday “approximately 12 to 15 dry rodent droppings under shelves in dry storage room.” The inspector also spotted some bugs, as well as stored food not covered in the walk-in freezer. Robert or his employees got their act together by Thursday’s return inspection.

▪  Mama Sbarro’s, 19501 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura — Rodents accounted for the only High Priority violation cited Thursday: “10+ fresh droppings on top of walk-in cooler. Approx. 20 + soft/dry droppings, kitchen corners against walls.” That, two Intermediate violations and eight Basic violations put Mama Sbarro’s on timeout for the rest of Thursday. Everything was made right on Friday’s re-inspection.

▪  Sonic Beach, 2660 NW 199th St., Miami Gardens — Another restaurant shut down with only one High Priority violation: “Approximately 12 dry droppings under the shelves in dry storage area bags, burger wrap paper, and fries tray.” As for Intermediate problems on Nov. 13, the inspector saw food residue build-up on the inside of a reach-in cooler and mold in the ice machine.

▪  Sunset Bakery and Restaurant, 6941 Sunset Strip — Sunrise Sunset Bakery made last month’s Rodent Report and our Roach Report, Broward Edition. Shortly afterward, on Oct. 24, an inspector saw “six dry droppings on a dough rolling machine in a prep area; six droppings on a dough mixing machine in the front prep area. Observed approximately 20 dry rodent droppings on the floor in the dry food storeroom. Observed approximately 25 to 30 dry and moist droppings on the floor in the rear prep area. Observed five dry droppings on a cart in the rear prep area. Observed three moist droppings on the lid of a container of salt on a prep table shelf in the front prep area. Observed two dry droppings in a container of yeast in the front prep area (see stop sale). Two dry droppings on the lid of a container of sugar in the front prep area.” That “stop sale” reference was to the inspector’s demand to stop using the yeast. Of course, Sunset had to stop using everything after it got shut down for the day.

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Some places get “Administrative Complaint Recommended.” That’s the inspector keeping a place open, but promising to return the next day to see whether issues have been addressed.

▪  A Taste of the City, 940 Griffin Rd., Cooper City — Apparently, the little four-legged, long-tailed residents of Cooper City liked a taste of the city, based on the Halloween inspection: “More than 50 dry droppings in closet were soda boxes are kept. More than 10 dry droppings on top of dish machine. More than five dry droppings under three-compartment sink.” And the three-compartment sink was where the inspector advised dishes be washed until the dishwasher’s sanitizer could be fixed. By the way, keeping pork at an improper temperature is like calling your customers an Uber to the emergency room. This place had sausage links kept at 88 degrees and diced sausage at 90 degrees. Minimum proper temperature: 135 degrees.

Some places escaped with just a warning.

▪  Arere Cuban Cuisine #2, 19130 SW 177th Ave., Miami-Dade — There were only “two dry droppings on top of unused oven,” but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention an unrelated food violation: “Observed in the walk-in cooler, two packs of Colby jack cheese with mold like growth.”

▪  El Bohio de Mama, 2179 N. State Rd. 7, Margate — One of the six High Priority violations was the inspector seeing “one dry rodent dropping found on electrical box near three-compartment sink and two fresh rodent droppings found under front service counter.” There was also a Stop Sale on soup kept at a temperature too high for good health, and nothing for drying hands at the handwashing sink.

▪  El Pescadito, 2846 Palm Ave., Hialeah — This is bothersome: “Observed approximately 15 dry droppings inside of storage cabinet with plastic cups, plastic jars and equipments.” This is also bothersome: The olive spread being a “ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food marked with a date that exceeds seven days after opening/preparation.” This, too, is bothersome: The salad being made by someone using bare hands. Really bothersome: This was part of a 29-violation, five-High Priority violation report that drew only a Warning.

▪  Flavors Caribbean Restaurant, 107 SE 10th St., Deerfield Beach — “Observed approximately 24 dry rodent droppings in dry storage room.”

▪  Key Largo Fish Market and Restaurant, 564 Hialeah Dr., Hialeah — Get a broom and Truly Nolen into this joint: “Observed approximately 20 dry and crumbly rodent droppings on the floor under front counter. Observed approximately 30 dry and crumbly rodent droppings between wall and stand up cooler by front counter.”

▪  Oasis Grill, 12400 SW 152nd St., Miami-Dade — Not only should you not wear open-toed shoes in this place — “approximately 70-80 dried droppings in a dry storage room on top of cans and floor” — but you maybe want to think twice about walking in no matter what you’re wearing on your feet. Stop Sale orders were slapped on the ice for “mold-like growth,” and on cooked pork, chicken, beef, beans and rice for being kept at improper temperatures. That was part of seven High Priority violations and 20 overall violations.

▪  Patsy Mar Coffee Shop, 1050 E. 14th St., Hialeah — The inspector spotted “five dry and crumbly rodent droppings on the floor in the corner by front counter and three dry and crumbly rodent droppings behind chest freezer by dry storage room.” Despite this and operating without a license, the Patsy Mar received only a warning.

▪  Redland Golf & Country Club Restaurant, 24451 SW 177th Ave., Homestead — The inspector saw “approximately 50 dried droppings” on a dry storage room’s food storage shelf. And, the little critters like their tempura. A Stop Sale got dropped on the tempura because the inspector spotted “evidence of gnawing on two packages of tempura batter mix on the food storage shelf in the dry storage room.”

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