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Scurrying roaches shut down 7 Miami-area restaurants

Miami Herald Staff

Seven Miami-Dade restaurants were shut down for a day and more than 20 were cited, many for roach-related activity in May.

▪ Beach Bar & Grill, 4299 Collins Ave., Miami Beach — This establishment’s May 17 ended early when the inspector found “approximately eight to 10 live roaches in the kitchen area. Racks of bread present in location. Roaches were under storage container, crawling on the floor.” Also, the walk-in cooler was problematic. The inspector wrote, “do not store potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food in this unit until the unit is repaired.”

▪ China Gourmet, 14767 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami-Dade — Only two High Priority violations in its May 31 inspection, but here’s how one of them was described: “Approximately 10 live roaches inside a floor drain located underneath the main cook line, approximately four live roaches inside a cardboard box on a shelf underneath the main cook line, approximately 18 live roaches between wall and drain board shelves above the three-compartment sink and approximately five live roaches in a storage room behind the door, on the floor and baseboards.”

▪ The Crab Stop of Miami Seafood Market, 10951 NW 27th Ave., Miami-Dade — The inspector “observed approximately six to 10 live roaches inside the oven located in kitchen.” Here’s another highlight from this May 24 shutdown: “Shellfish received from unapproved/unlisted shipper. Operator doesn't have an approved receipt from vendor.”

▪ La Estrella China Restaurant, 10920 W. Flagler St., Miami — Among the three High Priority violations that aborted business on May 22 were “approximately 20 live roaches under cooking equipment, approximately 15 behind cooler in front of cooking equipment, and one live in the dining room.”

▪ The Original Pancake House Restaurant, 21215 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura — Their May 12 shutdown came after the inspector saw 15 live roaches and three dead roaches in two reach-in coolers that had food products.

▪ Ocean Terrace Restaurant, 19201 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach — There were “saw approximately 10-15 live roaches around prep area in main kitchen” on May 18.

▪ Y&O Peruvian Food LLC, 20500 Dixie Hwy, Cutler Bay — On May 24, the inspector saw “two live roaches on top of cooking equipment next to rotisserie oven” and “four live roaches inside door under grill. A few other things that helped push them into the Shutdown Zone. “Accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine;” “heavy build up of grease under cooking equipment. Grease dripping onto floor from chicken cooking in rotisserie oven.”

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Then, there were the inspections that stopped just short of shutdown. Instead, they got “Administrative Complaint Recommended,” which is sort of like a really, really strenuous warning.

▪ Bonefish Grill, 14218 SW Eighth St. #11, Miami — Beyond the four live roaches seen under a kitchen prep table, one scurrying under a cooler and two behind a cooler, there were some other problems during the May 23 inspection. Such as a “soda gun holster with accumulated slime/debris.” And, “no container installed for catching grease from hood drip tray.”

▪ Subway, 7277 NW 36th St., Miami — The inspector dropping by on May 22 saw two live roaches and 20 dead ones “trapped in control device underneath in front counter reach in cooler (meat station).”

▪ Tamura Japanese Seafood Buffet, 6728 Main St., Miami Lakes —They racked up eight High Priority violations, including “observed approximately two live roaches crawling on wall behind dishwasher...approximately three live roaches in dry stock room crawling around rice bags.” There were a few other problems. The dishwashing machine wasn’t properly sanitizing. The sushi cook washed his hands, then dried them on his clothes, apron or a soiled towel. Also, the whole sushi buffet had nothing noting its time of exposure. Eventually, it was determined 10 plates were past the four-hour mark.

Now, for those places where inspectors saw live roaches running around for a warning but not enough for a shutdown or an Administrative Complaint Recommended.

▪ Cafe Thai Kitchen, 7919 Biscayne Blvd., Miami — Three live roaches scooting around the kitchen.

▪ Gallitos Cafe & Grill 2100 NW 36th St., Miami — Four small roaches under the dishwashing area, the three-compartment sink and next to the grease trap near the kitchen.

▪ Mowry Street Restaurant, 328 W. Mowry St., Homestead — Only one live roach, but it was in a dry storage area in a container of uncooked grits.

▪ Ozzy’s Cafe, 13055 NW 42 Ave., Opa-locka — There were “two live roaches under hand washing sink at the front of the counter.”

▪ Shalom Haifa, 18533 W. Dixie Hwy., North Miami Beach — Two live roaches were hanging out in an unused cooler on the cookline.

▪ St. Pierre Take Out Food, 605 W. Mowry Dr, Homestead — A roach was caught skulking about by the kitchen mop sink.

▪ Yardie Spice Restaurant, 225 South Krome Ave., Homestead — One live roach scaling the wall by the three-compartment sink.

Some of you might remember Raid’s Roach Motels. Here are the restaurant Roach Cemeteries.

▪ Canton 6 Restaurant of Miami Lakes, 16780 NW 67th Ave., Miami — There were two dead roaches behind chest freezer.

▪ Habana Vieja, 2475 SW 37th Ave., Miami — Probably less worrisome than the one dead roach by the back door were the 46 other violations, including 10 High Priority violations. That got them only a warning.

▪ Jacqueline Fried Chicken, 1702 NW 36th St., Miami -- A couple of dead roaches lay under the three-compartment sink.

▪ Junies Jamaican Restaurant, 13995 NW 7th Ave., Miami — A hat trick of dead roaches were by the mop sink.

▪ Las Brisas Market & Cafeteria, 2055 NW 22nd Ave., Miami — The June 2 inspector on found five dead roaches in the napkin dispenser in the front counter. A restaurant employee explained this could be from the fumigation the restaurant underwent after their May 9 shutdown. That time, an inspector found 20 live roaches by a reach-in cooler in the kitchen, inside the cooler’s wheels and on wall crevices behind that cooler.

▪ Simon’s Cafe & Catering, 12258 SW 131 Ave., Miami-Dade — An inspector saw “approximately 50 plus dead roaches on the kitchen floor, behind coolers and on the bottom of food shelves.”

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