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These gourmet doughnuts come to Westchester

Culinary flavors are the hallmark of Mojo Donuts’ gourmet doughnuts. They will open their second location Friday at 6 a.m. in Westchester
Culinary flavors are the hallmark of Mojo Donuts’ gourmet doughnuts. They will open their second location Friday at 6 a.m. in Westchester

Why should Wynwood get all the nice things?

Pembroke Pines’ Mojo Donuts thought the same thing and opened its second gourmet doughnut shop in Miami’s suburban Westchester neighborhood at 6 a.m. Friday.

Mojo Donuts has been enticing doughnut lovers to queue up at the crack of dawn at their Pines store since 2013, garnering national attention with their tasty and creative confections.

Miami first-timers will get their first taste of why those morning lines are there. Mojo has more than 200 varieties of doughnuts, with at least 40 different kinds on display on any given day.

They have wild combinations, balancing sweet and savory notes, with flavors such as chocolate frosting with pistachios, creme brulee with a torch-crisp top, maple-bacon bars and, especially for the Miami opening, a guava and cream cheese doughnut. Their most famous might be their 420 Munchies, a glazed yeast doughnut topped with chocolate, Snickers crumbles and potato sticks.

“The first time I tasted them, I said, ‘This is off the charts,’” said Miami partner Jimmy Piedrahita, who enticed the original Pembroke Pines owner Shawn Neifeld to go in with him on a South Florida expansion. “As a true Miamian, I thought, ‘How is this not in Miami?’”

Their shop gives Miami another gourmet doughnut option.

Wynwood’s Salty Donut opened its permanent location earlier this month after more than a year of selling to long lines on the weekends. And in South Miami, Honeybee Doughnuts was the first to bring an independent doughnut shop to the suburbs.

If Mojo Donuts has one issue it is with its name. It’s not pronounced moh-hoe like the Cuban marinade but mow-joe like voodoo magic.

The name came from the time founder Neifeld contacted Portland’s famed Voodoo Doughnut shop about opening a South Florida franchise and received a polite decline, thanking him “for feeling the mojo.”

Lines have become less of a problem for Mojo since they cranked up production at their Pembroke Pines store. And for Miami, they have doubled the equipment so they can continue selling throughout the day. They haven’t yet established a closing time and have even toyed with staying open 24 hours, Piedrahita said.

And starting next year, it won’t be just doughnuts. Mojo will start selling fried chicken with their doughnuts. Think of it as a version of chicken and waffles, a concept that James Beard Award winning chef Michael Solomonov popularized with Federal Donuts, which will open a Wynwood store next year.

“It’s a stellar combination of salty and sweet,” Piedrahita said.

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Mojo Donuts

Where: 8870 Bird Rd., Miami

Hours: Seven days, 6 a.m. until they sell out

More info:, 305-223-6656