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Streisand’s sister Roslyn Kind to share their ‘God-given gift’ of singing in Aventura

Singer Roslyn Kind will perform Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017, at Aventura Arts & Cultural Center.
Singer Roslyn Kind will perform Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017, at Aventura Arts & Cultural Center. Photo provided to the Miami Herald

Vocalist Roslyn Kind believes the talent to sing beautifully “is a God-given gift” and that her family’s love of music has “been passed through the generations.”

Her grandfather was a cantor. “My mom had a soprano voice,” says Kind, who performs Saturday night at Aventura Arts & Cultural Center. “She probably could have gone out for opera, but didn’t because in her heyday, parents looked down on it. It was like ‘a bum’s business.’ You don’t do that. So my mother never really went after it. But she was also very ultra shy. For the most part, she would sing for herself. She would sing at home in the mirror and in front of us, but in front of people she got very shy. She had a hard time remembering her lyrics.”

Kind’s older sister also inherited their mother Diana’s singing voice, but obviously not her shyness: Barbra Streisand.

Now, even Streisand and Elliott Gould’s son is performing. “My sister passed it on to Jason,” says Kind, 66, who several years ago toured with the family in North America and Europe.

In Aventura, Kind will perform a show directed by Miami Beach-based Richard Jay-Alexander, who has been Streisand’s concert co-director since 1999.

“It’s amazing the talent in the family,” Jay-Alexander says. “I just have a theory about it. I feel like when a child is in a womb for nine months and the person carrying the child is musical, in this case Barbra and Roz’s mother, the vibrations do something.”

Jay-Alexander says the Kind show is tailored to her talents.

“After touring with them across Europe and Canada, it was a lot of fun to focus on Roz and put together a show that was Roz specific,” he says. “What people are going to see here, is a show that was custom made for Roz and her background and her career.”

Kind says the show “is strung with personal stories about growing up” and that she prefers to sing songs with personal meaning to her.

“I have acting ability, yes I do, and when I sing theatrical pieces, I live them. I don’t know how to sing without living a lyric. It’s part of who I am. I live the songs. That’s why they have to mean something to me.”

Like her sister, Kind is fully engaged in choosing her material. “I love ‘Can You Read My Mind?’ It’s not one of Richard’s favorites but it’s a showstopper for me. From ‘Superman,’ you know.”

Kind is nine years younger than Streisand and 16 years younger than brother Sheldon. Their mother, Diana, married Louis Kind after Emanuel Streisand died suddenly in 1943.

Family is important to Kind, who “hates” being described as Sheldon and Barbra’s half-sister.

In the Jewish religion, children from the same mother are brothers and sisters, she says.

“You know that when you come from the same womb, it’s whole,” says Kind, who describes herself as spiritual, not religious. “It’s when you have a different mother that it’s different. We have a different father. If you have the same father and different mother, that’s a different story. And I really hate it when people say ‘half.’ I don’t know why people feel they have to do that.”

Diana Kind didn’t want her daughters to go into show business.

“My mother was not an encourager,” Kind says. “My mother was an encourager of ‘Go to college, get a degree, have something to fall back on.’”

Obviously, both girls didn’t listen, plowing into show business immediately after they each finished high school in New York City.

“I started recording on my graduation day from high school,” says Kind, who performed at age 18 in the Plaza Hotel’s Persian Room. “I started working — I graduated in ‘68. On my graduation day after ‘Pomp and Circumstance,’ I was at RCA Studio B to record my first album. During my last two years, I did some demo records for my sister’s publishing company. I started doing auditions for record companies. I got my RCA deal and graduation day I was in the studio.”

Kind’s earliest albums, “Give Me You” and “This is Roslyn Kind,” are still available on CD and digitally, as is her most recent album, “Come What May.”

Her singing voice and delivery have changed through the decades, Kind says. “No. 1, I’ve lived a lot longer. I’m more mature. My life is more in-depth, you know? I just sing from my heart. What can I tell you? I sing from my heart, I want to have fun. I want to give the audience a fun-loving time. I want to touch their souls and touch their hearts and give them happiness for 90 minutes, you know? Because that’s what life is about.”

Touring isn’t always easy for Kind, who is divorced and lives in West Hollywood, “adjacent to Beverly Hills.”

“It was great being on the road with my family. When I’m on the road otherwise, I’ve had hard times,” Kind says. “It’s almost like truck and bus, not literally truck and bus. I did a couple of years of tours across the country. We’d drive from point to point to point. Then at the last point, take a plane home for a week, then go out again for two or three weeks. It’s hard. That’s hard, but, really, people loved it. You were really doing people who couldn’t get to the larger cities a favor. They really, really appreciated you coming.

“I played a lot major clubs. I did some smaller clubs. I did some Broadway. I did some theater here. I played Vegas. It was a multitude of different venues over the years,” she says. “When I was younger, I thought about it more: a personal life. When I’m older now, my moments of being on stage are my happiest. Being on the road is kind of hard, but being on stage with the audience, that’s where I live.”

If you go

▪ What: Singer Roslyn Kind performs in concert

▪ Where: Aventura Arts & Cultural Center, 3385 NE 188th St., Aventura

▪ When: 8 p.m. Saturday

▪ Tickets: $50 and $55, can be purchased online at or by phone, 877-311-7469