Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Murad give tips on looking better, longer

Dr. Howard Murad
Dr. Howard Murad

For Dr. Howard Murad, skin is always in. The celebrity dermatologist and founder of Dr. Murad line of beauty products was recently in Boca Raton at GBS The Beauty Store to talk up his new self-help book, Conquering Cultural Stress: The Ultimate Anti Aging Secret (Wisdom Waters Press). The takeaway: Don’t worry, be happy — and you’ll look better.

Can you talk about your latest book?

I want to help people overcome cultural stress, or as I call it the “silent killer.” It accompanies our extreme dependence on digital devices, long commutes in heavy traffic, worries about job loss, keeping up to speed with everything you have to do. This kind of stress leads to serious issues including metabolic syndrome, obesity and depression.

South Floridians have different risks because of the constant sunshine. Can you address that?

When skin is exposed to the sun and free radicals, it can accelerate the breakdown of collagen and elastin, resulting in fine lines, age spots, blotchiness and, even worse, skin cancer. Due to the level of exposure to harsh UV rays, residents should be especially diligent about incorporating a topical broad-spectrum SPF cream into their everyday skincare regimen. What many people don’t know is that eating certain foods — namely raw, colorful fruits and vegetables (my favorite is pomegranate) — can improve your body’s natural environmental defenses and increase your cellular health. I call this “eating your sunscreen.”

What is your top piece of advice?

Learn to be imperfect. I want to give people the freedom to not just get in touch with their inner toddler, who was happy, free, fearless. I want you to regain your youthful, good health by acting like that toddler. I want the reader to be thrilled with who he or she is. Make your heart happy, and your skin will glow. Put on a smile before you put on anything else in the morning. Your attitude underlies everything and is the biggest factor in how you look.