Miami personal trainers on reality show give their best fitness advice

Quinten Barnard
Quinten Barnard

They’re going to let you see them sweat. “The 20s,” premiering at 11:30 p.m. Monday on the cable network Pop! and livestreaming on Beachbody on Demand, is a new, 11-week reality competition featuring 20 personal trainers living in one house. Think “Big Brother” meets “The Biggest Loser.” The last one standing will snag bragging rights, the title of Super Trainer and probably get a lot more out-of-shape clients in the process. Two locals are in the mix: Miami Beach resident Deron Del Valle and Miami native Quinten Barnard.

How was the experience?

Deron: I learned a lot about myself — my personal strengths and weaknesses as well as how far I can push myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Quinten: All of us are driven to make an impact in the universe through our gifts of teaching and learning fitness. You’re going to enjoy our personal stories.

What is your personal fitness routine?

Deron: I’m a firm believer in pushing your own limits with a mix of aerobics, cardio, rhythmic boxing and calisthenics. I teach roughly over 16 classes a week at Fight Club America, in the Midtown and Doral facilities.

Quinten: I usually start with a 30-minute cardio run in the morning. That leads me into a full body workout of high intensity or low impact, which gives my body a burst of energy and a shock. This really keeps every muscle in great form and mobility to get me through the day.

What’s the best workout tip anyone ever gave you?

Deron: I was in the ring with a professional boxer when he turned to me and said, ‘It doesn’t count unless you finish.’ I’ve made that my motto.

Quinten: The one thing I would pass on: Don’t cheat the process.

So for impatient lazybones, what’s the fastest way to see results?

Deron: There are no shortcuts. Everyone wants to have an instant return on their ‘investment,’ but it’s all about consistency, dedication and drive. Of course, mind your diet. You need to put in as much work in the kitchen as you do in the gym. As cliché or overmentioned as this sounds — the best formula is 80/20 — 80 percent diet and 20 percent physical activity.

Quinten: A great cardio session helps. Enjoy what you involve yourself with —fitness can be fun.